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Learn about the benefits of burning candles in your home and why you need to purchase from our collection.


Helping To Create a Holistic Environment

Many candles contain paraffin wax, a hydrocarbon mixture that's harmful to the environment. Harmony Blaze Co. is one many companies shifting to soy wax for cleaner candles, longer burn times, and safer use for the home and environment. We chose phthalate free fragrance oils to not emit harmful chemicals, wooden wicks because they do not mushroom and have little carbon buildup, debris or sooting and our soy wax is hand-poured into a reusable class vessel helping to support an eco-friendly environment.


Aromatherapy For The Mind & Body


When life feels too overwhelming and throwing your computer out the window is not an option, especially at a time like now, when many of us have been quarantined for over a month; candles can truly change the affect how we feel about our space. Lighting one of our scented candles made with quality essential oils, can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, stress and induce quality sleep. Other benefits is that some of our fragrances can offer relaxing effects with other scents that may stimulate your brain and help you feel the flicker of the flame creating an ambiance of relaxation and calm.


Meditation and Prayer

Candles are effective for creating your own special atmosphere and space for meditation, prayer, or reflection. Using a candle is a great way to set the mood and help you relax. The light of candle can be seen as a symbol of eternal presence of the Divine and is used as an enhancer of prayer and manifestation. The flame acts as a bridge between our thoughts and higher consciousness and has the power to essentially ignite our prayers and intentions.

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